Thick Golden Beard Oil.

Thick Golden Beard Oil.

Some men have such luscious well-groomed beards (see above).

Those men use beard oil.

But what exactly is beard oil and how does it work?

But what is Beard Oil?


Beard oil is a product designed to moisturise and condition facial hair, and the skin beneath it. Quality beard oil is made from a blend of carrier oils such as jojoba oil and argan oil, with essential oils for fragrance. Full Set Products Thick Golden Beard Oil has all 3 of those, and then some.

How Does It Work then?

When applied to the beard, the oil helps to hydrate the hair follicles preventing dryness and itchiness. Furthermore It nourishes the skin, reduces 'beardruff' and promotes healthy beard growth.

The oils in Thick Golden Beard Oil mimic the natural oils produced by the skin, helping to maintain a healthy balance. There are even internet theories that castor oil (found in all Full Set beard products) helps hair retain hairs natural color pigment, which means fewer graying whiskers.

Benefits of Using Thick Golden Beard Oil

Personally, I've experienced a reduction in beard itch and an increase in beard softness and shine. In fact I've not had beard itch since 2020 when I started making beard products.

Additionally, the prevention of split ends and breakage will make your beard look fuller and more luscious. It can also help to tame unruly hairs and give your beard a more polished appearance, which is sometimes how it has to be.

How to Use Thick Golden Beard Oil

To use Thick Golden Beard Oil, simply apply a few drops to your palm and rub your hands together to distribute the oil evenly. Then, massage the oil into your beard, making sure to coat the hair from root to tip. For best results, use Thick Golden Beard Oil daily as part of your grooming routine after you've washed with Full Set Soap, when you're fresh and clean.

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